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"Pasos" is the new release from Brooklyn-based Mexican composer, producer and keyboard player Nnux (Ana López-Reyes). In an energetic track with heavy beats and synthesizers, she sings in her native Spanish about the learning experience after a painful break-up. 

Influenced by experimental electronic music, heavy techno beats, pop and traditional Mexican music, Nnux creates an explosive track that deals with the anger, the wish to become better after a difficult situation and the eventual coming to terms with the past. She uses the image of ghosts climbing through her neck to represent the memories coming back to haunt her at night; trying to fight them at first, she then decides to learn how to live with them and move on. 

The video for this song was shot in February, 2019 at locations in Brooklyn and Mexico City, in collaboration with visual artist Teruko Kushi, director Noah LePage and Mexico City Dance Studio 'El Entresuelo'. The video shows dancer Ricardo Daniel dancing frenetically in a dark space illuminated by white neon lights, while Nnux sings and dances in situations designed by Teruko Kushi's brilliant mind.

The song was produced and recorded by herself, mixed by Zubin Hensler (Twig Twig, Half Waif) and mastered by Alex Psaroudakis (Rosalía). 

'Pasos" is the first single from Nnux's debut album, set to be released later in 2019. The album is a work about her hometown of Mexico City, the contradictions of a place that is both beautiful and tragic and the nostalgia for the moments lived there with a person who is now gone from her life.



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Release Date

May 23rd, 2019

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