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"Piezas" is the new release by Mexican experimental composer, producer and synth player Nnux. This track announces her debut album Ciudad, which will be available on March 20th, 2020 on Mexico City's label VAA.

The video was made by artist Intton Godleg and shows Nnux in a digital world where her body constantly disintegrates, which references the lyrics sung in Spanish: "Something broke inside in me, pick up the pieces one by one". 

Ciudad (meaning "City" in Spanish) is Nnux's debut album and it's dedicated to Mexico City, the feeling of loss and nostalgia. 

Nnux is the solo project of Ana López Reyes, who is based in Mexico City. Her music is heavily based on the digital processing of sound samples from field recordings, voices and acoustic instruments, as well as beatmaking and the use of synthesizers. Influenced by experimental music, electronic music, pop and traditional music from Mexico, she creates music that aims to be emotional and vulnerable while still being experimental and imaginative. 

Release Date

February 26th, 2020



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Captura de pantalla 2020-01-22 a la(s) 1
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