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‘Calles’ is the new release by Mexican producer and composer Nnux. The video was directed by visual artist Martha Maya (LVSTVCRV) with 3D by Intton Godelg. 


In her own words: “I wrote ‘Calles’ after visiting El Templo Mayor in Mexico City,  which is a really crazy place in downtown where you can see the ruins of the pyramids that were here before the Spanish came. Long story short; there was a city in here when the Spanish came, they tore it down and built the new city on top of it. I wrote about a “city made of water” buried underneath the current city, because the ancient city had canals instead of streets, it was all water. The Cathedral is built on top of an ancient temple, which is a really strong symbol to me. I wrote this song about a city on top of another city, which for me is a symbol of domination of a culture on top of the other. I wrote lyrics talking about how the fallen gods and the wounded temples are hiding beneath everything we see in the city, as a symbol of how oppression is present in here at all times. 

When Martha and I started working on the video, she told me she was imagining that the song was talking not only about the ancient city, but the current city being eaten up by water in the future, like seeing the symbols of our current city from a future where the city doesn’t exist anymore or at least is not how we know it now. Her perspective really struck me and changed my perception about this music.The video deals more with that view, using symbols from both the ancient city and the current city, all under water and placing it in a sort of post-apocalyptic world ”. 


“Calles” is the second single from Nnux’s debut album ‘Ciudad’ , out now via Mexico City’s VAA. 

Nnux is the solo project of Ana López Reyes, who is based in Mexico City. Her music is heavily based on the digital processing of sound samples from field recordings, voices and acoustic instruments, as well as beatmaking and the use of synthesizers. Influenced by experimental music, electronic music, pop and traditional music from Mexico, she creates music that aims to be emotional and vulnerable while still being experimental and imaginative. 

Release Date

April 8th 2020


Listen to Full Album

Album Tracklist:

1. Piezas

2. Parte 1: Y tu ausencia no es la muerte

3. Calles

4. Ciudad

5. Salida

6. Y aún así

7. Pasos

8. Parte 2: No se morirá el quererte 


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